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We serve the best interests of our companies and agents by striving in every detail to be a company of excellence and quality. We commit ourselves at all times to provide superior underwriting and brokerage services. The character of our company is a direct reflection of the excellence of its employees. Enthusiasm, leadership, respect for the individual, and exceptional care of our clients are the most important qualities in our corporate philosophy. As a company committed to superior performance of our people, we will achieve substantial growth, profit, and value, fully accomplishing our corporate goals.

Do you ever feel as though you’re running in circles with your current wholesaler? Make a quick turn into a solid and direct route to the IMS Underwriting department. Our knowledgable underwriters will lead you down the right path for the best coverage and price. We understand urgency, and we go the extra mile for you.


We welcome all inquiries regarding our company, products and services. If you have any suggestions on improving our services and programs, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone